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Since 2007, Oxfordpsych have been helping psychiatrists prepare for the Royal College of Psychiatrist CASC exams, both in the UK and overseas. Over the past twelve years, we have worked with many doctors who are now senior psychiatrists both across the UK, and in many countries overseas. You are most welcome to join us!

The aim of Oxfordpsych training is to enable every psychiatry trainee appearing for the CASC exams to demonstrate the clinical and communication skills needed to pass well, with confidence. We offer intensive, personalised training, focusing on both the clinical and communication skills and competencies being assessed in CASC, which are then applied across the range of stations in the RCPSych CASC blueprint, including those in the new station format. Our teaching techniques are rooted in adult learning theory, and as a team, we are passionate about supporting you and enabling you to do well. 

We offer a range of training opportunities including:

  • Comprehensive CASC Courses - UK, India, Cairo
  • Mock CASC Exams - EIS - Sheffield
  • Oxfordpsych Overseas - Malaysia, India, Ireland, Cairo, Singapore, UAE
  • Online CASC Materials and CASC videos

For more information, please see the relevant pages, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions - we are always happy to help!

"I'm pleased to inform you that I passed the January 2020 CASC with all sixteen stations. I am very grateful for the course. I think it is excellent, and was probably the most useful part of my preparation." ST - December 2019 CASC Course, Oxford 

 CASC Cluster Cards - Comprehensive CASC revision tool.

The complete set of scenarios and skills you need to help you pass the CASC.

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  • A set of 100 CASC scenarios with instructions and points to remember.
  • Includes important things to cover in time limited psychiatric consultations.
  • Quick and highly effective revision focusing on common CASC scenarios.
  • Carefully designed format covering assessment, history taking and explanation scenarios.
  • Covers all psychiatric specialities and different clinical settings.
  • Enables comprehensive and complete CASC preparation. 
  • Now available to purchase online.

Click "online booking" and choose Cluster Cards.

CASC Cluster cards can also be ordered via Amazon.co.uk.  Next day delivery available for Amazon Prime customers. 

Overseas with


At Oxfordpsych, we believe that working overseas should not reduce your chances of passing the CASC exam, so we are bringing our Comprehensive CASC Courses to you!

Our Comprehensive CASC Courses overseas - recently held in Dublin, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Malaysia and India - focus on the skills specifically needed for psychiatrists working in countries other than the UK. In addtion to looking at differences in communication and interview styles, there are specific sessions focusing on UK Mental Health legislation and sevices, and how this knowledge particularly impacts on management, in line with the new CASC circuit format.

For more information, please visit the Oxfordpsych Overseas page.

Mock CASC Exams

Oxfordpsych Mock CASC Exams take place at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield, twice a year, ten days prior to the real CASC exams. The Mock CASC Exam is a great opportunity to experince what the real CASC exam is like, in the same venue, in the same booths and under the same exam conditions. You will undertake 16 stations individually, interview actors with experience of the real CASC exam and receive written feedback from experienced examiners. The range of stations will match the CASC Blueprint from the Royal College, and will include a circuit of stations in the new circuit format. This will help you feel more equipped and confident and reduce anxiety for the day of your exam, as you will be familiart with the environment, the exam format and know what to expect. 

For more information, please see the Mock CASC page.

Oxfordpsych Online CASC Tutoring

Oxfordpsych Online CASC Tutoring offers an opportunity to fine tune your skills and get personal feedback from experienced consultant psychiatrists and CASC experienced actors. Online CASC tutoring is offered on an individual basis by arrangement, in one-hourly sessions, using a digital audio-video portal, which can record your sessions to improve reflection and thereby enhance your performance.

For more information, please see the Online CASC Tutoring page.


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"I found the Mock CASC Exam very useful - it really helped to reduce my anxiety and have an idea of what to expect. I passed the same number of stations as in the real exam, so I think it is a good reflection of the real thing. I would recommend the Mock to everyone." Sheffield 2016