Oxfordpsych Online CASC Tutoring

Oxfordpsych Online CASC Tutoring is available for those who feel they need specific intensive individual feedback within the CASC context, and for psychiatrists from overseas who cannot attend a CASC training course in person.

Online CASC Tutoring - Session Content

Oxfordpsych Online Tutoring is the most individualised training offered by Oxfordpsych, and is tailored to address each individual’s specific learning needs. Particular areas of difficulty may be brought to the sessions by the participant and re-created, looking at alternatives in approach, or difficulties can be identified within the sessions by both the participant and the team, which can then inform the learning process. 

Online CASC Tutoring - Format

Online CASC Tutoring utilises a digital audio-video portal, similar to Skype, but with the added facility to record sessions, so aiding reflective learning. Participants need a PC or lap-top with camera facility, headphones and Internet connection. 

The Online Tutoring sessions are lead by a consultant psychiatrist, alongside a clinical educator who has experience of acting in the CASC exams in Sheffield. Sessions are usually undertaken individually.

The timing of Online CASC Tutoring is by mutual agreement, though commonly occurs during evenings or weekends (UK time). Sessions usually last one hour, with participants being expected to review the recording and reflect on learning in between sessions, and undertake specific homework tasks. The number of sessions is decided by mutual agreement.

Arranging Online CASC Tutoring

Online CASC tutoring is not currently available.