Oxfordpsych Overseas 

In 2019, the Oxfordpsych team have plans to visit India, Ireland, Egypt and Malaysia, teaching CASC courses for those who wish to take the CASC exam, but practice outside of the UK. Oxfordpsych courses are designed to address the specific learning needs of doctors practising psychiatry in settings different to the UK, and have a particular focus on similarities and differences in communication and interview styles, in addition to teaching the core skills of CASC. Where appropriate, there are also specific sessions focusing on the UK Mental Health legislation and services, and how this knowledge particularly impacts on management planning. 

As with all Oxfordpsych courses, each booking includes access to the Online Course Materials plus the vidoe bank of stations covering management, history taking and assessment scenarios. All Materials  are available to access through the online Moodle pages and the online video section of the web-site. 

The Comprehensive Irish Clinical Exam Course covers preparation for the Irish BST Clinical Exams, including both the OSCE and CFME elements and includes access to the online video bank. 

2019 - overseas courses:

Comprehensive Irish Clinical Exam Course - Dublin - 23rd - 25th October 2019


Teaching of constructivism –

Training the Trainers

In addition to helping candidates prepare for CASC, the team have also worked with psychiatry trainers and simulated patients in other countries, teaching how to facilitate training from a more constructivist ethos. This includes the training of simulated patients, small group learning, reflection and experimentation, in both small group and large lecture formats. Please get in touch to find out if we can help you in your place of work. Please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Psychiatrists from Overseas in the UK

Having worked overseas and seen the different expectations and learning/consultation styles within both psychiatry practice and education, the Oxfordpsych team also like to work with candidates who have not trained in the UK, but practice her, to explore both the similarities and differences in practice and learn from each other. Psychiatry itself is very similar, but expectations and communication can create great differences and potential difficulties, for which solutions can be sought together.

 For more information about the work of Oxfordpsych overseas, or to discuss your training needs, pplease contact the team at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to help.


CASC Revision Day for Overseas Candidates

The weekend prior to CASC itself, Oxfordpsych offer a CASC Revision Day for candidates who usually pracrice overseas. This day is specifically for CASC candidates who usually work overseas, who are visiting the UK for the CASC exam and would like a day of revision and practice with UK based actors and consultant psychiatrists immediately prior to CASC itself. This day is held in Oxford, which is on a direct train line from London and then onwards to Sheffield. Please get in touch for more details – email: admin@oxfordpsychcourse.co.uk or book a place on the online booking page.


What was done well:

"The structure and pace of the course was wonderful; clear and concise teachings." Singapore 2017

"Teaching core skills; intense with lots of practise; communication skills were taught to an excellent level; encouraging and dedicated trainers." Singpaore 2017

"Well organised and structured course; experienced actors; good focus in advanced listening; lots of encouragement provided; opportunities to practice; important reminders to dfocus on the person as a clinician." Malaysia 2017

"Personalised feedback that highlights personal deficits; friendly atmosphere." Cairo 2017

"Station training; personal feedback was very beneficial; positive energy - motivation; communication skills." Abu Dhabi 2014

"You put people at ease and explain very well about the structure of the exam and how not to be 'checklisty', without missing areas that need to be be covered." Abu Dhabi 2016

"Interview techniques; patient centredness; good 'training' course, not just mock exam." Dublin 2014

"The course was of great benefit in boosting my confidence. The piece of advice I think led me to passing the exam was: "Go as a clinician and not a candidate". No matter what station I came across, I remembered this and gave it my best" Abu Dhabi 2014

"Excellent learning; strong focuson clinical skills; excellent practice opportunities. Good breadth of cases and opportunity for feedback. Structure and organisation of the course - paced graded." Singapore 2015

"Station practse - how to approach; communication; being in control - steering the interview. Good understanding and blend of exam situation vs. clinical practice. Amazing teaching - remarkable, excellent, dedicated to us." India 2015

"Teaching us the main skills needed for CASC (the ones that really matter); interactive teaching - covered lots of ground in a short time; station feedback; focus on skills rather than just knowledge; interaction bewtween the staff and candidates; time given for individual feedback." Cairo 2015